Medical Marijuana Law in FL

A Medical Marijuana Law in Dade County Could Help Many Patients

Unless a Miami resident has personally experienced or lived with someone with a disease, condition or affliction, he or she has no understanding as to the true benefits that a medical marijuana law in FL would have on ailing people’s lives. Medicinal cannabis has been since the ancient Egyptian times and has been documented in Chinese writings dating back over two thousand years. Up until 1937, physicians in the United States frequently gave their patients medical marijuana for a number of afflictions. This is true of physicians in FL, too.

There are hundreds of illnesses, diseases and conditions that would potentially help FL residents with it they had access to medical marijuana. Some of these include:

mappoint-menu 17x17Acquired Hypothyroidism mappoint-menu 17x17Acute Gastritis mappoint-menu 17x17Agoraphobia
mappoint-menu 17x17AIDS mappoint-menu 17x17Alzheimer’s Disease mappoint-menu 17x17Angina Pectoris
mappoint-menu 17x17Anorexia Nervosa mappoint-menu 17x17Anxiety Disorders mappoint-menu 17x17Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
mappoint-menu 17x17Arthritis mappoint-menu 17x17ADD and ADHD mappoint-menu 17x17Autism
mappoint-menu 17x17Autoimmune Diseases mappoint-menu 17x17Back Pain mappoint-menu 17x17Bell’s Palsy
mappoint-menu 17x17Bipolar Disorder mappoint-menu 17x17Brain Tumors mappoint-menu 17x17Bulimia
mappoint-menu 17x17Cancer mappoint-menu 17x17Carpal Tunnel Syndrome mappoint-menu 17x17Cerebral Palsy
mappoint-menu 17x17Cervical Disk Disease mappoint-menu 17x17Chemotherapy Symptoms mappoint-menu 17x17Chronic Pain
mappoint-menu 17x17Crohn’s Disease mappoint-menu 17x17Cystic Fibrosis mappoint-menu 17x17Diabetes
mappoint-menu 17x17Diverticulitis mappoint-menu 17x17Epilepsy mappoint-menu 17x17Felty’s Syndrome
mappoint-menu 17x17Fibromyalgia mappoint-menu 17x17Glaucoma mappoint-menu 17x17Graves Disease
mappoint-menu 17x17Migraines mappoint-menu 17x17Hemophilia mappoint-menu 17x17Hepatitis
mappoint-menu 17x17HIV mappoint-menu 17x17Hospice Patients mappoint-menu 17x17Huntington’s Disease
mappoint-menu 17x17Hypertension mappoint-menu 17x17Insomnia mappoint-menu 17x17Intractable Vomiting
mappoint-menu 17x17Leukemia mappoint-menu 17x17Lipomatosis mappoint-menu 17x17Lou Gehrig’s Disease
mappoint-menu 17x17Lyme’s Disease mappoint-menu 17x17Lymphoma mappoint-menu 17x17Major Depression
mappoint-menu 17x17Mania mappoint-menu 17x17Multiple Sclerosis mappoint-menu 17x17Muscular Dystrophy
mappoint-menu 17x17Night Terrors mappoint-menu 17x17Obsessive Compulsive Disorder mappoint-menu 17x17Panic Disorder
mappoint-menu 17x17Parkinson’s Disease mappoint-menu 17x17Peripheral Neuropathy mappoint-menu 17x17Post-Polio Syndrome
mappoint-menu 17x17Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) mappoint-menu 17x17Prostatitis mappoint-menu 17x17Pulmonary Fibrosis
mappoint-menu 17x17Quadriplegia mappoint-menu 17x17Radiation Therapy mappoint-menu 17x17Raynaud’s Disease
mappoint-menu 17x17Restless Leg Syndrome mappoint-menu 17x17Schizoaffective Disorder mappoint-menu 17x17Schizophrenia
mappoint-menu 17x17Seizures mappoint-menu 17x17Severe Nausea mappoint-menu 17x17Skeletal Muscular Spasticity
mappoint-menu 17x17Sleep Apnea mappoint-menu 17x17Spasticity mappoint-menu 17x17Spinal Stenosis
mappoint-menu 17x17Sturge-Weber Syndrome mappoint-menu 17x17Temporomandibular Joint Disorder mappoint-menu 17x17Terminal Illnesses
mappoint-menu 17x17Tietze’s Syndrome mappoint-menu 17x17Tinnitus mappoint-menu 17x17Tourette’s Syndrome
mappoint-menu 17x17Trichotillomania mappoint-menu 17x17Wasting Syndrome  

Of course, there are many, many medical and psychological disorders that can be helped by allowing the patients to use some form of medical marijuana in Florida. This list was in no way, shape or form a complete list of symptoms that can be assuaged by allowing patients access to medical marijuana.

Medical Cannabis in Miami 

Many Dade County residents automatically think that every patient is going to be smoking cannabis however; many treatments with medical marijuana merely come in the form of an oil that is taken orally. Much of the “bad stuff” is not in the cannabis that has been cultivated for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana is highly regulated and more than likely, should the FL medical marijuana law be passed in FL it would also be monitored and regulated too.

There are many rigorous tests that must be completed before the cannabis is considered to be the quality needed to be labeled medical marijuana. These tests help to insure the safety of the cannabis that will be used by patients in Florida. That is, if the FL medical marijuana law is passed during the General Election in November of 2014.

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