Legal Marijuana Benefits

The Benefits of Medical Weed in Jacksonville

The subject of medical marijuana has been much debated and is quite a controversial topic in Florida. Those who have not taken the time to read the scientific studies or do a significant amount of research simply don’t have the information to make an educated decision. Of course, a lot of people state that smoking of any kind is harmful to a person’s health however; alleviating the pain and other detrimental symptoms associated with life threatening diseases very well might be worth the risk. The truth is that as Florida citizens, we’ve been indoctrinated to look at cannabis as a bad thing that should never be legal but in all reality, it’s been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. More people die in Duval County every year through the use of prescription medications than by using cannabis.

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Tampa Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief 

The number one reason that people in the State of Florida seek out doctors is to prescribe medication because they suffer from chronic pain. This pain could be from a cancer, car accident or simply due to aging however; pain is pain. Sure, there are tons of different medications which FL physicians regularly prescribe for patients in need of pain relief, but few offer such quick relief as patients get from cannabis. Most pain medications take a significant amount of time to begin to take effect; however when it comes to medical marijuana for pain relief, the pain abatement is rather quick for patients. Fortunately, there is the possibility that the legislature will see the need for legalizing medical marijuana for pain relief in Florida and legalize medical marijuana.

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Medical Marijuana for Chemotherapy Patients in Orlando

Unless a person has gone through or witnessed a loved one go through chemotherapy, they have no clue of the havoc that is wreaks on the human body. Of course, many people who have no experience with cancer victims know that patients on chemo can lose their hair and feel poorly, but unless they actually see what happens, they will never know the dark side of chemotherapy. Without the use of medical marijuana for chemotherapy patients in FL, those people suffer from overwhelming nausea, uncontrollable vomiting and severe anorexia. Indeed, there are other awful side effects, but the nausea, vomiting, and anorexia can be rectified with the use of prescription medical marijuana for chemotherapy patients should the law be passed in Florida.

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Medical Marijuana for Cancer Victims in Orange County

Anytime that a person hears the word “cancer’, their eyes widen and they seem to be taken aback. In all honesty, cancer is a scary thing and oftentimes, fatal. Fortunately, many cancers are controlled with chemotherapy and radiation however; the side effects of the drugs and radiation can be brutal on the human body. This is one of the reasons that the State of Florida is considering legalizing the use of prescribed medical marijuana for cancer victims. There are a host of benefits for cancer victims using medical marijuana, and in  Orlando, hopefully they can find some relief to their conditions with prescribed cannabis in the near future.

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