Medical Marijuana for Ill Children in FL

Medical Marijuana for Ill Children in Fort Lauderdale

marij-for-ill-childrenThere have been tons of scientific studies done to see if cannabis can be useful in treating a wide variety of illness, conditions and diseases over the years. Of course, the use of medical marijuana for ill children is a highly controversial subject. Many people believe that cannabis is too strong of a drug for young children however; a lot of these ill children are taking a cocktail of much stronger medications with greater side effects. Others believe that doctors and parents should be able to use medical marijuana for ill children if it will truly be beneficial to them. Fortunately, there are several states that allow the use of medicinal cannabis for kids with certain issues. In the November 2014 General Election, the residents of Florida will be able to vote to allow for the use of medical marijuana for ill children and adults.

Broward County Medicinal Cannabis for Kids with Epilepsy

Many children with epilepsy’s seizures can be managed quite well with traditional anti-seizure medications however; there are some kids out there that aren’t as fortunate. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of children with epilepsy who experience hundreds and thousands of seizures in a single week. Studies have shown that small doses of medical marijuana over the course of a day can help reduce the number of seizures children experience. It’s a shame that only a handful of states allow medical marijuana for ill children suffering from so many seizures regularly. Fort Lauderdale will soon be voting to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the state.

Medical Weed for Autism in Fort Lauderdale

There are more than two hundred thousand children with autism living in the state of Florida. That’s a lot of kids. Although many are helped with traditional methods of treatment, some simply do not help the child. There have been numerous studies done proving that the oils from medical weed can be a major help to kids with autism. Considering Broward County residents will soon be voting on whether or not to allow the use of medical marijuana in the state, kids with autism might have a chance to receive this novel treatment to aid in the struggle with autism.

Cancer Relief with Medical Marijuana in Broward County for Kids

Nearly everyone knows that adults who are going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments are helped by smoking medicinal cannabis. It’s really unfortunate that most states that have legalized medical marijuana for cancer patients don’t allow its use in kids with cancer. It just doesn’t make sense that kids are made to suffer the effects of chemo and radiation, while adults are able to relieve the awful repercussions. With the general election in Florida only months away, Fort Lauderdale residents will soon decide whether medical marijuana will be legalized for use throughout the state.

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